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Do you have a moment that changed your life for the better? For me, one of these moments happened on a slow day in the Neurology clinic a several years ago. We had seen all of the patients for the day and I was in deep conversation with the Neurologist, discussing my future. Like most 19 year olds, I had not put much thought into it. Lucky for me, Doc had the solution. College!

Just two years earlier I enlisted in the Navy because I did not want to go to (you guessed it) college. As if suggesting further education was not enough, we were going to talk to advisors that afternoon and he told me I had to enroll for the next semester! When we arrived at the education center to look at what programs were available, I quickly became overwhelmed. How was I supposed to make a decision that would change the rest of my life in one afternoon!?

While I had never considered going to college I knew I had a passion for making things. So I chose an associates in Engineering Fundamentals. One of the first classes that I took was an introductory course to programming in C#. I loved it and hated it simultaneously. I had never had to work so hard to grasp basic concepts, but when I would finally get to a breakthrough I would become full of joy. This is a feeling that I am sure anyone who “enjoys” programming fully understands, and one reason I continue to learn all that I can about it.

That leads us to this blog, where I would like to further explore the filed of computer science and software development. I will showcase projects that I am working on, interesting things that I learn, my successes, and my failures. I hope that you will follow along on my journey and gain some knowledge and insights along the way.







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